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This site is specifically for a class at Portland Adult Education (Portland, Maine), Create Your Own Web Site Using WordPress. This class, and this site are geared to the average computer user, and there are no prerequisites of having to know any of the web coding languages, so I will try to keep things at a level of understandability for everyone.

The goal of the class is for everyone to have a fully functioning, professional looking website by the end of the course. And, through the use of WordPress themes and plugins, to have every student’s site have an individual look and the specific functioning that they need.

This site,, was set up to assist the class as the course progresses. The postings will be laid out in a step-by-step order as we get our WordPress websites up and going.

This site is set up on a WordPress platform. I haven’t tried to do anything fancy, thinking that a simpler site will show someone new to WordPress what the basics look like. I’m not a big fan of bells and whistles anyhow, and they would just be distracting for beginners.

To my students, welcome to what promises to be a fun adventure. And to anyone out there who may have stumbled upon this site, if you are new to WordPress or just looking for some tips, please feel free to peruse this site.

If you register on this site you will have the option of being added to our mailing list. I will be sending out sporadic notices related to this class as it progresses. I will also send out announcements of any upcoming WordPress classes.

How came about.

I first became aware of the WordPress content management system, as an amateur freelance web designer, through my efforts to find a way for clients to have more control over their own sites.  I found that a website running WordPress could give clients more control of their website, as well as freeing me from having to come in and make changes to the content and format. I also discovered that a great many folks already running WordPress sites who wanted to customize the functions of their site were in need of a little help and advice. Suddenly I found myself more consultant than web designer. I enjoyed the interaction and satisfying results of working together with a client to solve a problem far more than sitting around coding a site on my own.

In the summer of 2012, I had the idea to turn the experience of my one-on-one assistance into a classroom format. WordPress itself has evolved in recent years to become even more user-friendly and more versatile and so I thought the time was right for a class in WordPress. I approached Portland Adult Education with this idea and they thought it was a good one. So, we now venture into the September of 2012 with the first offering of Create Your Own Web Site Using WordPress. (once on the PAE website, click on Job Skills Courses and then sub-menu, Computer and Webdesign.)

I have set up this website,, which will be the testing site for students, through their own subdomains, and a means for me to demonstrate the inner workings, functions and resulting appearance of a WordPress powered website.

Frank Turek, August, 2012


About this site’s Theme:

I wanted to use a fairly simple, nice looking theme from the free choices at The idea is to go with a theme that any student of this class could install and use. Many of the showcase examples of WordPress sites use elaborate customized themes. To create something like this would be beyond the scope of this introductory class, so I wanted this site which the students will be using as a resource to be something that could be done without any coding skills. I have resisted making any hard-coded customizations on this site and any tweaking of the theme will be done using plugins, but presently there are none in use.

Presently I’m using the theme Tribute

What past student have said of my class:

Your teaching style suited me perfectly and am thinking of taking a refresher to build up my skills. I would encourage anyone who is thinking about learning Workpress to start with your class.

Betsy C.

Frank Turek’s WordPress class at Portland Adult Ed is a must for any aspiring web designer or business owner. In the span of just a few weeks, Frank thoroughly covers every major area of WordPress web design. This class took me from being a ‘trial and error’ user to being very confident with my knowledge of WordPress page/post creation, widgets, plugins, CSS and much more.
Dan E.

    Frank’s WordPress class is very straight forward. He is patient with all students including “newbies” like myself who never thought it would be possible to build my own site from scratch and did so. If you can click and drag Frank will teach you that building a website with WordPress is about as easy as clicking and dragging templates to build your own professional looking website.
Mike C