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How to install the Wordpress platform onto your host account, both manually and through your host’s automated scripts. Likewise backing up the your site both manually and through plugins.

I need a text editor?

Well, hopefully you won’t need a text editor but, if you want to install WordPress onto your host site and the automatic installations are not available you will have to edit your database information in one of the  installation files to get it to work.

Luckily both Macs and Windows PC come with  simple plain text editors, NotePad (Windows) and TextEdit (Mac). You will be opening the the wp-config-sample.php file (Of course, requiring you to first downloaded the WordPress package and unzipped it to reveal the installation  files.) read the full post...

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FTP to manually interface with your site files

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the the way to move files and folders from your computer to your website server.  While you can have and run a WordPress site without ever having to FTP any files it is a very powerful tool and a little bit of knowledge can potentially make things more efficient for you, especially if you are going to be uploading large files like audio and video files. read the full post...

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Too Easy Installation

or How you might not have to manually install WordPress.

One of the stumbling blocks I was trying to work out when I was conceptualizing this class, was how was I going to show the basic manual WordPress installation. I would want to do it right at the beginning of the class  to maintain a step-by-step nature of the class, but it would involve some procedures that beginners might find daunting. Using FTP and editing the config file would also be a really dull way to start a class. read the full post...

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