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How to build the main navigation menu, and additional menus. Covering in detail all the settings in this area.

Setting up our Primary Menu screencast

In this video tutorial I will show you haw to set up your first and primary page menu.
This video is the 2nd in the series of screencasts here on Teaching WordPress, to follow along with the exercise you should watch the first tutorial Pages initial setup – “empty buckets.”

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Creating a Navigation Menu – part 1

The second most important thing.

If the most important thing about a website is its content, then the second most important thing is the ability to maneuver around the content. The ability to move from page to page of a website is called navigation and we navigate though a menu, a list of choices to click onto. It’s funny to spell this out like this, after all, this is something that’s almost always set up so intuitively that even those sitting down to a computer for the first time will be able to quickly figure out how to navigate. My purpose in describing it in a basic manner is because now we will not only be using navigation but creating the navigation, and if we understand its importance on a fundamental level, we can then create the best. read the full post...

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