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Discovery of the sidebar widgets and widgetized areas in the default Wordpress theme. Configuration of widgets to replicate the sample website.

The Hidden Power of Widgets

Widgets are one of the basic building blocks of a WordPress website. Traditionally they’ve been relegated to the sidebar and footer areas, but in recent years many themes are designating areas within the page content section and even in the header.

Widgets are for the most part underutilized on most WordPress websites. There seems to be a basic misunderstanding of how they can be utilized. I believe that through a better understanding of how to organize and customize the widget content blocks, we can tap into their hidden power. read the full post...

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Widgets Screencast

*NOTE: this video is an older version of the series and is using a different theme and may cover material already presented in the previous videos. Please bear with me as I update the screencasts.

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HTML login link in footer widget

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What’s a Widget?

Widget is simply the name for the sections of your sidebar. The default wordpress theme Twenty-Eleven comes with several items already installed.

Looking at the sidebar and the headings for the links listed there we can find corresponding widgets activated when we look at the widget-admin area. Activating a widget  is simply a matter of dragging and dropping. Once a module is dropped into its widget area there are also settings that can customize each individual. Keep in mind that there is no ‘save’ button, once in place a widget is active and viewable on your site. read the full post...

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