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All the stuff that didn’t get covered in the other topics of this class.

Maine WordPress Meet-up

A newly established Meet-up group Southern Maine WordPress Meetup is having regular meetings on the third Tuesday of the month at 6pm. Meetings held at the Casco Bay Technology Hub suite 206, 30 Danforth Street, Portland, ME

Most of the meetup is geared toward developers and designers who build websites using WordPress, although there is usually a segment at the beginning where users, such as students from can new things to apply to their website. From tips to best practices it will be a good chance to pick the brains of people who have had many years experience with WordPress. read the full post...

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Your site can’t do it all on it’s own.

How helpers help websites that help themselves to these services.

In keeping and maintaining a website there are several things that I recommend doing to get the best out of what you’ve got.  Like anything we own that requires maintenance, a car, a house, pets, we rely on other professional services to do the job far better than we could do ourselves.In the web-world I refer to these as helper services. Helper services are there to bring optimal performance and ease of use (for you and your visitors) to your site. They all requires you to at the very least sign in, so there will be more user names and passwords to remember, and while there are many paid for services that are very good I’ve tried to limit the services mentioned to the ones that are free (or nearly free). read the full post...

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