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There are some things that everyone should know when it comes to venturing into the process of owning and operating Your Own Website.


In the process of helping out other folks with their preexisting websites I’ve had the opportunity to sample a variety of web hosts. I was not overly impresses by the most hosts that I worked with but I did come up with three that I can recommend from experience. Disclosure: the below links are affiliate links of my recommended hosting services. read the full post...

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Your ideas and content should determine your Site Structure

One of the first things you should ask yourself when you decide upon having a website is: What do I actually want to have on my website? And the follow-up question to that is: How should I organize it?

Easier said than done. This is probably the most important thing to get in place before you get started on your website since it is actually the ideas that you have for the site that should be driving it structure and appearance, not the other way around. It can also be one of the hardest things to think through. Sure you will need to make adjustment once you start getting things in place on your website and having a well grounded idea of what you want your website to do will give you a strong starting point. read the full post...

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Getting your WordPress website ready for the People

There are three options for developing your not-yet-public WordPress site.

The easiest development method is when the public does not know of your site yet. Or that you don’t mind that your present website will not be viewable to the public during the development. You can do this by installing a maintenance mode plugin, there are several to choose from, which will put up a page for visitors to the site that will create a custom front page for visitors while you can work on and view the site if you are logged in. And once you are done with the development you just switch off the plugin setting. The two that I’ve tried and liked are WP Maintenance Mode and Ultimate Maintenance Mode. Both have a good array of options but handle the appearance differently. read the full post...

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Your site can’t do it all on it’s own.

How helpers help websites that help themselves to these services.

In keeping and maintaining a website there are several things that I recommend doing to get the best out of what you’ve got.  Like anything we own that requires maintenance, a car, a house, pets, we rely on other professional services to do the job far better than we could do ourselves.In the web-world I refer to these as helper services. Helper services are there to bring optimal performance and ease of use (for you and your visitors) to your site. They all requires you to at the very least sign in, so there will be more user names and passwords to remember, and while there are many paid for services that are very good I’ve tried to limit the services mentioned to the ones that are free (or nearly free). read the full post...

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Choosing a Domain Name

There are a lot of things to consider in choosing a domain name. I’ve found a few sites with good information that I generally agree with. Here are a few sites that have good guidelines for choosing a domain name.

Ideas for Choosing a Domain Name

Effective Strategy for Choosing Right Domain Names

How to Choose a Search Friendly Domain Name

And here are some domain search sites to check if your desired name is available. read the full post...

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