Creating a Navigation Menu – part 1

The second most important thing.

If the most important thing about a website is its content, then the second most important thing is the ability to maneuver around the content. The ability to move from page to page of a website is called navigation and we navigate though a menu, a list of choices to click onto. It’s funny to spell this out like this, after all, this is something that’s almost always set up so intuitively that even those sitting down to a computer for the first time will be able to quickly figure out how to navigate. My purpose in describing it in a basic manner is because now we will not only be using navigation but creating the navigation, and if we understand its importance on a fundamental level, we can then create the best.

Navigation appears in the form of a menu, which is a horizontal or vertical list of the pages of your site that you want people to visit. In WordPress, just where and how this menu appears is dependent upon the theme, but all themes will by default put a navigation menu somewhere in your page template. The most common design puts the navigation menu horizontally above or below the header. WordPress’ default this menu will be a list of your pages, by page title. Such is the case with the WordPress default theme Twenty-Eleven, the theme we will be using.

At this stage in the class we have created several pages and posts and you will have noticed that the horizontal menu bar beneath the banner image is showing a list of all of the page titles that we have created. Our goal in this part of the class will be to clean up this menu and add some additional options. To do this we will be using the Menu admin section in our WordPress dashboard.



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