Don’t fret the technical stuff

The class, Build your own website using WordPress, is set up to teach the basics of WordPress with no prerequisite of having to know any web design coding.

However, we presume that you at least have some basic knowledge of your computer, how to navigate through your file structure, familiarity with browser interaction, how to create new browser tabs, how to cut-and paste selected text, and what a URL is.

This class does not require you to know any web design coding languages such as HTML or CSS, but because just a little bit of an understanding of this code will greatly help you to customize your WordPress site, I will be describing the very basics of these codes.  Just enough so you will have a basic idea of what you are looking at when you encounter it.  This is not by any means the focus of the class, and we will be covering it in a few isolated instances.  I will try to make it understandable for the complete beginner and painless for the code-phobic.

For those with incentive, you can brush up on your basic HTML and CSS at W3schools: HTML and CSS.

WordPress and several of the plugins that we will be implementing require the use of what wordpress calls shortcode. These are very simple sets of instruction that will help extend your abilities to work with WordPress. Shortcode is a very simple concept  that I will explain when we cover plugins.

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