Too Easy Installation

or How you might not have to manually install WordPress.

One of the stumbling blocks I was trying to work out when I was conceptualizing this class, was how was I going to show the basic manual WordPress installation. I would want to do it right at the beginning of the class  to maintain a step-by-step nature of the class, but it would involve some procedures that beginners might find daunting. Using FTP and editing the config file would also be a really dull way to start a class.

It was when I went to install the student’s sub-domains that I decided to try out the auto-install of WordPress offered by this site’s host.

I had some bad experiences with auto installs in the past so I was a bit reticent, but that was several years ago and I was thinking that there are probably better software programs for this now. My host uses Softaculous and I was surprised how smoothly it went. It then occurred to me that any hosting site that didn’t offer an auto-install was probably not a host I should recommend. (some hosts also use Fantastico as their WordPress installer, which is similarly easy to use).  So I decided to forgo  showing the the manual install right in the first class and just go with showing an actual Softaculous  install.

Still, for the flow of the class I will be covering installation in the latter half of the class when I get to show the FTP procedures and by that time the students will be well acquainted with WordPress and the shock of starting off with a tech heavy procedure will have been tempered.

For the curious, here is the famous WordPress manual install instructions, that I will not be showing. At least not initially.

And if there are ambitious students who have a new site and want to auto-install WordPress be fore the class is ready, feel free to ask me for tips, and perhaps we can quickly demonstrate it in class as a precursor to the talk on installations.




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