WordPress Showcases

I ran into a friend of mine the other night and when I was describing this class to him, one of the first questions he asked was, what were some examples of the kind of sites you could build with WordPress. I had been meaning to mention this for the first class just to give new students some design ideas that they might want to emulate for their own site. Some of the examples are based upon advanced customizations that are above and beyond the scope of this introductory class, but even so there may be one little dynamic that with the help of a plugin, may be doable even for a beginner. And knowing what is possible is something to keep in mind even when you are going for a simple approach.

The following links are to places that showcase a variety of the best creative uses of WordPress.

Tag-Cloud of types of WordPress sites at WordPress.org

Design Shack: Creative WordPress Sites

WpView WordPress Inspiration Gallery



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